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Случайная картинка
Митинг в Курлово Гусь - Хрустального района
Митинг в Курлово Гусь - Хрустального района

Альбом: Акции, Митинги, Пикеты Маринин Андрей Владимирович
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Гав айские острова движутся в сторону Японии со скоростью 10 см в год. Перл-Харбор ползет мстить лично!) http://instagr.am/p/P dFuC/

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Подверглись нападению неизвестных лиц

Подверглись нападению неизвестных лиц

Пресс-служба Владимирского регионального отделения партии «СПРАВЕДЛИВАЯ РОССИЯ»

Владимир, ул. Луначарского, 3, офис 319. Тел. 33-49-00



Пресс-релиз от 11.08.2015.





Региональное отделение партии «Справедливая Россия» во Владимирской области сообщает, что ее активисты, раздающие жителям Владимира газету «Справедливая Россия», уже дважды в течение недели подверглись нападению неизвестных лиц.


Первый случай произошел на Суздальском проспекте. К фирменной палатке «СР», где шла раздача газеты, подошли двое молодых людей лет 17-ти. Воспользовавшись тем, что распространитель была занята с подошедшими ранее людьми, они схватили все имеющиеся газеты вместе с сопроводительными документами и убежали. По словам Светланы Викторовны Чернышовой, которая занималась распространением газеты «Справедливая Россия», от неожиданности ей стало плохо, в себя она приходила несколько дней.


Вторая кража газет произошла на ул. Верхняя Дуброва у магазина «Все в розочках». Там к палатке с газетами подошли двое мужчин, один из которых помахал перед лицом девушки-распространителя каким-то непонятным удостоверением и тут же начал угрожать ей арестом и судебным преследованием. После этого мужчины похитили  все имеющиеся газеты и скрылись.



Региональное отделение партии «Справедливая Россия» сегодня обратилось в УВД города Владимира с заявлением о двух фактах кражи части тиража партийной газеты, а также о нарушении конституционных прав людей на участие в избирательной кампании. Выражается надежда на то, что установить личности виновных помогут средства видеонаблюдения, установленные в местах происшествий.

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With what should I treat my tree and when to prevent this again?A: Peaches and other fruits such as pomegranates are potential food for a few different insect species. oakley glasses In a very heated discussion, I kept reminding them, it's not libel and slander if it's true.
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We know, for example, that the Portland schools already show films on gay relationships. michael kors outlet "We need to raise awareness because right now new-home sales are only 10 percent of the market," she said.
#28 | brwmlnxkh Март 22 2016 21:02:01
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Galvin Parkway, Phoenix. cheap ray bans Jamie McGinn also scored for Colorado, which opened the season with two shutout losses.
And you might actually find yourself doing the latter; Windows still doesnЎЇt support Bluetooth peripherals during the setup process, so youЎЇll either need wired devices or one of those wireless keyboard / mouse combos with a tiny USB plug. http://www.louisvuittonhandbagsbuy.co.uk Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016: Live Action, Animated, not rated Short live action and animated films nominated for Academy Awards.
b Small Star will offer first-run, independent, documentary, and foreign language films. coach handbags It does, however, accept concealed handgun licenses as proof of identity.
Monday on Shore Road east of Lovers Lane in Hollister. coach outlet online The Crusaders are 14-19 and failed to win a conference road game during the regular season. g www.coachoutlet.cc
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1. Kentucky (59) 6-0 1,619 1 http://www.michaelkorshandbagsup.us.com The Bible warns, "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. c coach outlet store
Highly unlikely Round 2 ends the same way -- the fall, that is, but not necessarily the end result coach outlet 6 million visitors have come since the museum's May 2014 opening, topping projections by about 5 percent, Daniels said.
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Support poured in from across the globe to help fulfill his final wish. oakley sunglasses Police responded to a 911 call of shots fired shortly before 3:30 p.
#29 | gjwuddcs Март 23 2016 00:57:42
It was obviously not the bipartisan package Gov. Rick Snyder had hoped for, but the good government types out there who think everything should be bipartisan are wondering who is to blame? michael kors outlet It was an eclectic collection of people who gathered on the final Friday of February at the old house on South Izard Street in Little Rock. n michael kors handbags
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to 3 p. coach outlet online Santa Rita at Amphitheater, 3:30 p.
DeeDee Garcia Blase of Somos Independents said Tuesday the only reason a federal judge upheld the "papers please'' provision of SB 1070 on Friday is because there was no evidence the law is being applied in a discriminatory fashion. cheap jordan shoes The Company maintains offices in Tucson and Atlanta.
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Chris Bourque put Hershey on the scoreboard first with a goal just 2 minutes into the game michael kors outlet online But opponent McVie denounced that condition, saying it will only mean that trees that reach a certain height will be cut down to the point they lose value as canopy cover. michael kors outlet
Beaver Lake Trust Inc., to Michael J. Moriarty Sr., Monson Turnpike Road and Beaver Lake Road, $100. cheap michael kors bags Supreme Court, and I don t support litmus tests myself. z cheap michael kors bags
calea. coach outlet store online Right now I have neither.
Sens. John Thune or John Cornyn had said Cruz would change if elected president. cheap jordans Shagaf is undefeated in three starts for trainer Chad Brown and owner Sheikh Hamdan's Shadwell Stable. p http://www.coachfactorysoutlet.com
TorontoThursday, March 31 at Memorial Auditorium (Kitchener) at 7 p. www.raybanoutlet.name "AlzheimerЎЇs disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.
#30 | skxfzoubq Март 23 2016 01:06:58
Students briefly spoke of each of West Ottawa's fallen veterans, placing a cream-colored rose near their portraits. Seif's mother, Charlotte Nelis, accepted a rose in honor of her son. www.michaelkorsbag.us.org By the end of the third quarter, Baptist Prep had built a 4231 lead. y ray ban glasses
(AP) Though it took a little longer than they'd hoped, the Trail Blazers found relief at home from their recent road woes. michael kors outlet online " For a family of three making about $27,000 (138 percent of the poverty level) those costs are prohibitive.
Jordan Waskom, Summit, senior michael kors bags The print came in at -25. e coach outlet
"It s critically important that we maintain effective, ongoing communication with elected and appointed officials on both sides of the aisle to ensure they are well educated about how health care policymaking affects our members patients," stated Todd. coach outlet online The European Central Bank meets later this week and some market watchers think it may approve more stimulus.
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